This course is examining the safe handling and transportation of Cement as one of the major dry bulk cargoes. You will go through ten separate sections that will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the safe handling and transportation of Cement. At the end of some sections, there will be articles to read while after the end of certain sections or articles there will be multiple choice questions you need to answer. A certification will be provided following the completion of the course. Suitable for ship managers, flag registries, seafarers, Agents, insurers, and shipowners.


Learning Objectives:

Series One: These seminars aim to provide the participants with an in-depth analysis of the Safe Handling and Transporting of Dry Bulk Cargoes.  No matter your position, onboard or ashore, our Series One will become a valuable tool to expand your knowledge, enhance safety, mitigate possible claims and act proactively. Through the analysis of real cases, the participant will have the opportunity to analyze unprecedented situations, explore multiple operational scenarios, and comprehend recommended solutions.


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