Who We Are

At KeelX, we make easy-to-use software and computerized machines that give simple solutions to complex maritime problems. KeelX education provides to shipping industry advanced, simple, easy to understand e-learning courses.

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Our Story

KeelX Limited spun out of Lemissoler Group in 2020 on a quest to accelerate the maritime industry’s adoption of digital technologies. Our motto “Shipping 4.0” is aligned with the Decade of Action to deliver the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which is due to transform the world. We come to work every day to build easy-to-use technology solutions that positively impact our industry and our planet.
Our brands are designed for ashore and onboard use with a special focus on integrating AI with SaaS, fleet performance monitoring tools, on-demand crew training and robotics. Our unfaltering commitment to our mission drives us since day one, our vision inspires us and our name reminds us to embrace digital transformation while clinging to our shipping roots – where it all started.

Our Mission

“Empowering maritime companies through easy-to-use technology solutions to achieve more with less.”

Our Vision

“To witness a fully decarbonized, safe and optimized maritime industry and know that our technologies were instrumental in achieving this.”